Our Mission

We are committed to providing compassionate, quality services and housing for persons living with HIV/AIDS. We are committed to working in collaboration with other local service providers, promoting HIV/AIDS awareness throughout Kern County.

Our History

On December 7th of 1992, Ricky R. Montoya died of AIDS. He endured long and painful waits at the local county hospital because the only HIV/AIDS clinic in the area was closed. After Ricky's death, his sister Audrey Chavez and the Montoya family vowed that nobody should ever have to go through that alone.

The first planning meetings that led to the establishment of Bakersfield's AIDS Project (BAP) were spearheaded and held in Audrey's living room. The original goal was to bring back a local specialized HIV clinic. Annual fundraisers were planned and held to raise much needed capital, and through the cooperative efforts of local, state, and federal organizations, the specialized HIV clinic is now a reality.

That was only the beginning of many other projects to come. Today, Bakersfield's AIDS Project (BAP) has firmly established itself as a local leader in the fight against AIDS.