World AIDS Day 2013

AIDS Walk 2013

Dear Friend,

Bakersfield's AIDS Project is holding our Annual AIDS Walk on Saturday, Oct. 5th, 2013, at Ricky's Retreat, 910 Grace Street, off Beale Ave.

Bakersfield's AIDS Project provides AIDS hospice/transitional housing, nurtition, transportation services, HIV/AIDS education/prevention services, and other important services for persons with HIV/AIDS. Your sponsorship will go directly to helping local persons.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. All proceeds remain in Kern County for local persons living with HIV/AIDS. There are well over 3,500 people locally living with this disease. The services BAP provices are critical to helping this underserved population. Please say yes! Become a sponsor today. Download our PDF flyer/entry form for more information.

Thank you for your support, Kern County!

2013 AIDS Compassion Week

Third Annual Sisters 4 The Cause

BAP Dance-A-Thon 2013

Download the 2013 Pledge Form (PDF)

Kern County World AIDS Day 2012

Saturday, Dec.1 WORLD AIDS DAY

Annual Candlelight Vigil and March

Meet at the Liberty Bell 1415 Truxton Ave. off Chester Ave.

@ 7PM Vigil and Program

(Guest Speakers, Entertainment, and Informational Booths, FREE Information)

Candles are provided, donations accepted

Monday, Dec. 3 Change Counts!

10 AM – 6 PM @
Martin’s Meats & Deli 801 21
st Street

Donate change collected to help sponsor Rent for Ricky’s Retreat

Tuesday, Dec.4 AIDS Quilt for Bakersfield High School

Special Assembly for High School Youth 8 AM – 3 PM

Special Thanks to Bakersfield City Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan

In honor of daughter Joyce Boden Wilburn

Saturday, Dec. 8 Enchanted Winters Evening

6:30 PM to 11:30 PM at the Hotel Rosedale (next to the Bullshed)

2400 Camino Del Rio Court Silent Auction and Drawings!

Tickets $10 in advance and $15 at the door

Proceeds benefit BAP children in Kern County affected by AIDS. Pre-sale tickets available at
Martin’s Meats & Deli @ 801-21
st St. off Q.

Tuesday, Dec. 11 AIDS Quilt Display for EVERYONE

at Metro Galleries 1604 –19th Street off Eye St.

10 am to 5:30 PM FREE Viewing for Everyone

Special Reception Fundraiser following @ 6 PM


Bakersfield AIDS Walk 2012 - Vimeo

Bakersfield AIDS Walk 2012 from robert petersen on Vimeo.

2012 Pledge Drive

Bakersfield’s AIDS Project

Will you pledge to raise $500?
Why this amount you may ask?
Because over 500 persons in Kern County have died from AIDS.
Because there are over 3,500 people in Kern County diagnosed with HIV . If 3,500 people donated just $1 this could bring in $3,500 for crucial services needed. Doesn't sound like much but the reality is...

  • Ricky's Retreat Hospice/Transitional Housing costs:
    Loan Payment AIDS Shelter housing and hospice. (To date we have housed over 70 clients). $570 month for 1 year – $ 6,840
  • UTILITIES including Water
    $466 month 1 year – $ 5,592
  • FOOD
    $250 month per 6 clients for 1 year – $ 3,000
    Cleaning and laundry supplies,
    Personal hygiene products
    $50 month per 6 clients for 1 year – $ 3,600
    Bus passes
    $35 month per 6 clients for 1 year $ 2,520
    $60 month for 1 year $ 720

SUB Total $ 22,272


  • BAP's GET BUS Program
    Bus passes
    $500 month (helping 20 clients) – $ 6,000
  • BAP's DROP-IN/Support Group
    $50 per week/4 weeks per month for 1 year – $ 2,400
    Camp Jessie Lee – $ 1,500
  • AIDS Quilt/World AIDS Day
    AIDS Compassion Week – $3,000

SUB TOTAL $ 12,900
TOTAL AMOUNT Needed – $ 35,172

If we can get 60 people to pledge $500 - $1,000 we can do this. But, only if you accept the challenge and challenge someone else… We need you to help us keep our compassionate programs possible.

Remember those we lost, those who are living with HIV, and get INVOLVED. Join me. Let's Walk the Walk...

Love, Audrey

Download our 2012 AIDS Walk Pledge Form

Kern County AIDS Compassion Week 2012

June 20-June 27, 2012

  1. June 20th Wednesday Press Conference 10:00AM @ Ricky’s Retreat
  2. Starting June 20th - Wednesday RED RIBBON CAMPAIGN
  3. June 20th - 27th Hygiene Drive: 9 AM to 6 PM @ Martin’s Meats & Deli
  4. June 20th - June 27th Ricky’s Retreat Wish List: 9 AM to 6 PM @ Martin’s Meats & Deli Market
  5. Saturday, June 27th: National HIV Testing Day

For more information on all AIDS Compassion Week events, Download our PDF Flyer.

For the complete list of needed items for Ricky's Retreat, Download our PDF Wishlist

Bakersfield Observes World AIDS Day

Stations of the Cross 2012
A Prayer for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS
at Ricky's Retreat, 910 Grace Street

Friday, April 6 at Noon

No matter who we are, we are all on a Journey.

We are inviting all persons of faith, all persons who believe in a higher power, to join us during this season of Lent as we experience the Stations of the Cross.

We’ll focus on the lives of persons living with HIV/AIDS because of our own firsthand knowledge of AIDS in our families. We each believe our faith communities have much to learn in ministering to our population, and in stepping outside of the brick and mortar of "Church", toward the flesh and blood of Church. We believe that only through unconditional LOVE can we truly experience Christ. This is the second year we host this event outside of a Church, at a HOME for persons living with AIDS. But we felt compelled to invite you on this Journey inside the gates of Ricky's Retreat, where hospice and transitional , people of all ages, ethnicites, socio-economic status, believers, non-believers and so forth, gather as one.

Audrey Chavez - Founder/Director of Bakersfield’s AIDS Project

Kern County World AIDS Day 2011

Thursday, Dec. 1 WORLD AIDS DAY
Annual Candlelight Vigil and March

Meet at the Liberty Bell 1415 Truxton Ave. off Chester Ave. @ 7PM Vigil and Program
(Guest Speakers, Entertainment, and Informational Booths, FREE Information)
Candles are provided, donations accepted

Friday, Dec. 2 Change Counts!

10 AM – 7 PM @ Martin’s Meats & Deli 801 21st Street
Donate change collected to help sponsor Rent for Ricky’s Retreat

Saturday, Dec. 3 Enchanted Winters Evening

7 PM to Midnight at the Red Lion Hotel
Grand Ballroom 2400 Camino Del Rio Court
Semi-formal Dance, Silent Auction and Raffle
Tickets $10 each or bring toy valued at $10
Proceeds benefit BAP Tickets available at Martin’s 801-21st St. off Q

Monday, Dec.5 AIDS Workshop by Dr. Felizarta

Noon @ Ricky’s Retreat for HIV Clients & Providers

Tuesday, Dec. 6 AIDS Quilt Display

@ Metro Galleries 1604 –19th Street off Eye St.
10 am to 5:30 PM FREE Viewing for Everyone
Special Reception Fundraiser following @ 6 PM
AIDS Quilt Displays for High School Youth
Ridgeview High School ~ West High School ~ Highland High School

AIDS Walk 2011 Logo

Bakersfield’s AIDS Project’s

Saturday October 8, 2011
at Ricky’s Retreat
910 Grace Street (off Beale Ave.)

8:30 a.m. Registration
9:00 a.m. Walk Begins

FREE HIV/AIDS Information
• Donations Gladly Accepted
• Lawn chairs and umbrellas OK

Download the 2011 Participant Registration Form (PDF)

Download the 2011 AIDS Walk Flyer (PDF)

Download the 2011 AIDS Walk $500 Plegde Form (PDF)

Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor?
Download the 2011 Corporate Sponsor Infosheet (PDF)

Add the AIDS Walk to your desktop, iPhone or Android calendar (.ics calendar file).

To receive forms by email, or more information on business sponsorships,
please call 742-3611 or E-mail

Grand Prize for Individual Highest Amount Raised
and PLWA Highest Amount Raised


June 20-June 27, 2011

June 20th Friday Press Conference 10:00 a.m.
Ricky’s Retreat 910 Grace Street off Beale Ave.
(East of Jefferson Park)

to June 27th Monday
“Wear a red ribbon to promote HIV awareness”
FREE AIDS Ribbons available @ Martin’s Meats & Deli 801-21st Street
Take a pic with an AIDS Ribbon and post as your profile pic for the week on face book for Compassion and support!

June 20th to June 27th Hygiene Drive 8AM to 7 PM
Martin’s Meats & Deli Market 801-21st Street off Q Street 325-4262
Bring Hygiene Items for local persons with AIDS Get a FREE Red Ribbon!

June 21st Tuesday Movie Night at 8:00 PM
Ricky’s Retreat 910 Grace St. off Beale Ave.
Bring your lawn chairs or lawn blanket. Refreshments for Sale

June 24th Saturday RED HAUTE SUMMER LOVE
80’s Dance Party at the Nile 10 PM
1721- 19th Street to benefit Ricky’s Retreat Loan Payment
RSVP at 742-3611
Prize for Best Dressed and for Best 80’s Celebrity Look-a-like

June 27th Saturday National HIV Testing Day

Monetary donations can be mailed to:
BAP 910 Grace Street Bakersfield, Ca. 93305
Tax ID #77-040-1117

Ricky's Retreat Team
Keep Bakersfield Beautiful Day

In thanksgiving to Honorable Mayor Hall, City Council, and the community of Bakersfield, Bakersfield's AIDS Project has formed a team of 50 Volunteers to help Keep Bakersfield Beautiful.

We are focusing on the area of Ricky's Retreat from Beale Avenue, to Grace Street, to Warren Avenue and Bernard St. This east Bakersfield area will be ours to beautify for the morning. Projects will include but are not limited to: graffiti removal, alley cleanup and trash collection, recycling, and planting flowers to help provide a clean, dignified, and welcoming experience.

It is part of Bakersfield's AIDS Project's pledge to give back to our community and to be responsible for our neighborhood. In collaboration with hundreds of other community members citywide, we will spend our morning picking up litter because we truly believe accepting anything other than a graffiti free, litter free, and beautiful green experience in the City of Bakersfield is beneath us.


For more information, see our event page on Facebook:

This April 6th let's match or beat the February amount raised at Chili's for Ricky's Retreat Loan payment;)
Only with your support can we call 910 Grace Street our HOME!
Audrey xoxoo

Chili's Chili Champs for Ricky's Retreat -
The March Edition!

This April 6th let's match or beat the February amount raised at Chili's for Ricky's Retreat Loan payment;)
Only with your support can we call 910 Grace Street our HOME!
Audrey xoxoo

Chili's From 11 AM on!!!
Chili Champs for Ricky's Retreat!

Hi Everyone!
Tomorrow is just around the bend...
I will be SO honoRED to have your support! Hope you can make it and hope you invite others who Love Chilis to come on down, and who LOVE Ricky's Retreat to come on down!
Be SURE to bring your flier and or ask them for one and tell em you are there to support BAP ok?

Jessica~ Mija, thanks for planning on being there;)
Alee~ One of the first to RSVP...Thanks Love!
Michael~ Always ready to spread the word...Gracias!
Sean~ Thanks for coordinating this event;)
Jon~ No tortillas, but we can make a toast with ribs ;)
Whitney~ Spreading the word...Thank you!
Stephanie~ Red Haute and Ribs? You are on a roll!!!;)
Patrick~ I'll be nice to hug you for all your work on Red Haute;)
Aimee~ No having to do dishes;) Yipppeee!!!
Angela~ Girl, I know you love ribs;)
Julian~ Andy's Angels showing some Love to Ricky's Retreat;)
Fe Fe~ Maybe we can do a bit of Zumba in our seats whilst we eats;)
Ruben~ Hispanic Chamber Reps ready to eat in support of BAP's Ricky's Retreat;)
Sarah~ Que sera, sera...You are always a wonderful Family rep Love!!!
Peter~ Aye Peter! What can I say? Guapo company is always Great!
Kathi~ Always welcome at any table I am at;)
Renee~ Red, Martin's, Chili's and more...thank you for Everything;)
What Beautiful Company We Keep!!! ;) Love you Everyone!!!
xoxox Audrey

"Red Haute Love" Party Special Thanks

from Audrey Chavez

Red Haute Love

Sending out a huge THANKS to all who helped RED HAUTE LOVE be the successful event it was~
Sammy, you took an idea and ran with it and made it FUNTASTIC & Sucesssful! Thank you~
Alyssa and the Girls~ The Show was Wonderful!!!
Dak & Studio Del Sol~ You make dancing Contagious!!!
Frankie~ Great Music!!!
Klarle~ come on, it's the Nile! What's not to Love;)
Stevie with the pics~ Lovely
Stephanie~ Thanks for being there for Sammy and for the beautiful Ceramic pots and plants;)
Angel & the beautiful Jello Shots Gal~Woohooo!!!
Angela at the door Thank you!!!
All raffle item donors~ Thank you for your generosity!
All Art Donors~ Wow! Fantastic Love was apparent in every piece!
Anonymous Donors, you know who you are;) Thank you!
Attendees~ Thank you for filling the room with RED HAUTE LOVE!
This is the best Valentine our clients and community could receive!
All proceeds of this event will go toward paying off the loan for Ricky's Retreat. Our beautiful HOME for PLWA's!!
Everyone, you will recieve on final RED HAUTE LOVE note from me and that will be the amount this event raised...We hope to have the grand total ready to post this evening for you.
P.S. Please forgive me if I forgot or did not mention your name. Know in your heart that you are appreciated for your support. xoxo

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