Bakersfield mayor proclaims AIDS Compassion Week

In 2003, Bakersfield's AIDS Project (BAP) volunteers realized from a different perspective the shortage of housing and hospice homes for local people living with AIDS when a 34 year old woman begged a BAP volunteer to take her home, as she did not want to die in a hospital.

We searched until we found a beautiful 4 bedroom home that was built in 1912 in East Bakersfield and the woman's peace of mind was apparent in her smile as she looked upon our team of volunteers who quickly readied the place for her welcome. Her children were able to visit and shared her last days alongside her in peace.

Ricky's Retreat 2006

Hospice for local persons with AIDS to have a safe and loving environment to pass with grace and dignity.

Transitional Home for local persons living with AIDS to get back on their feet while searching for permanent housing.

Resource Center fielding calls regarding HIV testing, and to request a myriad of AIDS related information, services, and for booking speaking engagements.